For Dear Youth, Parents, and Volunteers,

I hope everyone’s summer has been great. Our youth had one busy, busy summer. Enjoy a few brief photos at the bottom.

This coming Sunday the youth will be sharing in both services(9 am & 10:30 am) at Anaheim UMC. Please arrive 8:45 AM wearing SSP or camp shirt please. The following will be the order of speaking: Silas, Luis, Destiny, Rebekah, Christopher, Zane, Forrest and Nicole. We will all walk up front together and stand in order of speaking. Whom ever is speaking will step forward and share for 2-3 minutes SSP and camp experiences. Please also plan to bring homemade baked goods to share with the congregation after service as a way of saying thank you.

Sun August 27th we will be going too check out Santiago Oaks Park where we will be hosting Fusion on Sept 17th. Please meet at Anaheim UMC 4:30 pm and we will return around 7 pm. Dinner will be provided.

Sun Sept 10th will be our annual Parent meeting. This is where we will go over annual calendar and discuss the future of our youth program. Please save the date and plan for the whole family to be present.

Sun Sept 17th our church will be hosting Fusion worship, which is an Orange County UM youth wide worship service led by youth for youth. We will be having it at the park. Since we are providing dinner we have to arrive early to set-up and prep everything. Please meet at AUMC 3:45 pm and we should return around 7:45 pm

Here are some brief details about upcoming events:

  • Sun Aug 20th: Sharing in Church 8:45 am AUMC
  • Sun Aug 27th: Santiago Oaks Park 4:30 pm AUMC
  • Sun Sept 3rd: Youth Fellowship 5:30-7 pm AUMC
  • Sun Sept 10th: Parent Meeting 5:30 pm AUMC
  • Sun Sept 17th: Fusion Worship Meet @ AUMC 3:45 pm
  • Sun Sept 24th: Youth Fellowship 5:30-7 pm

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

Nicole Jackson 
Youth Director
Anaheim UMC