Order of Worship for Palm Sunday, March 28th, 2021

  • Opening Hymn:  #61 “Come, Thou Almighty King”, Words: Anon, Music:  Felice de Giardini, sung by the GGUMC congregation, H. H. Hanson conducting, organist Norberto Guinaldo, recorded November 4th, 2018.
  • Greeting, Call to Worship, Opening Prayer and The Lord’s Prayer by Pastor Toné Tosi

Call to Worship

O Lord save us.  O Lord grant us success.  Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.  From the house of the Lord we bless you.  Lord is God and He has made the light to shine upon us.  With boughs in hand join the festal procession up to the horns of the alter.  You are my God and I will give thanks to you.  You are my God and I will exalt you.

  • Special Music:  “You Are My Hiding Place” by Selah, sung by Sally Hickman and Jonnie Lorenz. Pianist Norberto Guinaldo.  Recorded September 1st, 2020.
  • Announcements and Prayer List by Linda Shepard

Easter Sunday Outdoor Worship, April 4, 2021 at 9:30 a.m.

All of our congregations will be joining us for this service.  Socially distanced chairs will be setup in the parking lot by the Samoan Ministry and there will be space for parking your car if you wish to remain in your car for the service.  Please let Janine know if you plan to stay in your car so we can plan for enough spaces for your cars by email, exp@ggumc.net or text, 714-767-9082.  All other cars are requested to park in the south section of the parking lot or on the street.  Masks will be required for everyone over the age of two.
There will not be any congregational singing however we will have soloists from our different ministry groups and Norberto Guinaldo will be here to play for us.
In order to avoid contact and save time we ask that you make your offering online (links and instructions are below after the Order of Service for GGUMC) or deposit your offering in the appropriate offering plate when you arrive for the service.  During the Offertory we will collect offerings from those who didn’t do it when they arrived and from those in participating in their vehicles.
We will have Communion using individual communion cups with wafers sealed on top that will be distributed by communion servers.  If you need a gluten free host we will have those available for you.
We will not have a printed bulletin, we will email an Order of Worship the week before so that you can follow along on your phone or tablet, or print a copy to bring with you.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Prayer List

Please remember these members of our church family in your thoughts and prayers:

Evelyn McCart, Dexter Welton, Bud Ruhl, Gwen Anderson, David Gregory, Helen Sothan, Lilas Green, Steve Ryder, Pat Turner, and also Eddie Lopez, Lydia Carmona’s cousin, who has suffered a stroke and is partially paralyzed.

  • Anthem:  “Offertory” by John Ness Beck, sung by the GGUMC Chancel Choir, Bill Shelly conducting. Organist Norberto Guinaldo.  Recorded November 10th, 2019.
  • Scripture Lesson:  Matthew 21:1-11 by Linda Shepard
  • Sermon:  “Holy Week” by Rev. Dr. Bau Dang
  • Offering:  by Linda Shepard
  • Doxology:  “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” by Thomas Ken, license free music courtesy of smallchurchmusic.com.
  • Closing Prayer by Rev. Dr. Bau Dang
  • Anthem:  “May Jesus Christ Be Praised” by Lloyd Larson, sung by the GGUMC Chancel Choir, Bill Shelly conducting. Pianist Norberto Guinaldo.  Recorded February 2nd, 2020.
  • Benediction by Rev. Dr. Bau Dang


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