Order of Worship for Pentecost Sunday Worship in the Sanctuary, May 23, 2021 at 9:30 a.m.

9:15 a.m. –   live stream will start     https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKxbH1H9JgoKHZ3xpVrD7PQ
Prelude:  “Music for Pentecost Sunday”  Theodore Dubois

Greeting and Opening Prayer:  Pastor Toné Tosi

The Lord’s Prayer:  (together quietly in your native language)

Announcements and Call to Worship:

Special Music:  “You Raise Me Up” by Rolf Lovland, Brendan Graham, sung by Sally Hickman

The Apostles’ Creed:  (read quietly in unison)         
I believe in God the Father Almighty,
maker of heaven and earth;
And in Jesus Christ his only Son our Lord:
who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,
born of the Virgin Mary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, dead, and buried;
the third day he rose from the dead;
he ascended into heaven,
and sitteth at the right hand of God the Father Almighty;
from thence he shall come to judge the quick and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy catholic church, the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body,
and the life everlasting.  Amen.

Pastoral Prayer:  Rev. Arun Samuel Varghese

Special Music:  “God Will Make a Way” by Don Moen, sung by Mr. Phillip, Jacob, Guitarist:  Mr. George Varghese, Pianist:  Ruth Jacob

Reading Scripture (Acts 2:1-4):  Languages: English-Jim Farley; Spanish-Marissa Nguyen; Malayalam-Mr. Isaac George; Korean-Ellen Park; Samoan-Tereise Tosi; Tongan-Olive Fukofuka; Vietnamese-Huong Thach

Sermon:  “When the Holy Spirit Comes”, Rev. Dr. Bau Dang

Offering:  designated to: Mar Thoma, Korean, Garden Grove UMC, & UMCOR Covid-19-India

Offertory:  “Oh, Come, Thou Quickening Spirit”, by Flor Peeters

Offering Prayer:  (read quietly in unison)
When we do not know how to pray,
your Holy Spirit prays for us
in sighs too deep for words.
Hear our prayers for goodness in the world.
Receive these gifts,
that they may help answer the Holy Spirit’s hope
for all creation.  Amen.

Special Music:  “Revival” by Hyung Won Koh, sung by Rev. Yong Sam Park, Ellen Park

Closing Prayer:  Rev. Yong Sam Park

Benediction:  Rev. Dr. Bau Dang; Rev. Yong Sam Park; Pastor Toné Tosi; Rev. Arun Samuel Varghese

Postlude:  “Spiritus Domini” by Dom Paul Benoit

Live Stream:  Alex Abraham, Saji Abraham
PowerPoint:  Joshi John
Liturgist:   Linda Shepard
Organist/Accompanist:  Norberto Guinaldo
Acolytes:  Rebekah Beard, Simaima Fukofuka
Ushers:  Sandy Boekelheide (Head Usher), Craig Briggs, Olive Fukofuka, Siuaki Fukofuka, Tomu Fukofuka, Tomu Fukofuka Jr.

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