Your attention is invited to these requirements prescribed for using our facilities for weddings:

  1. Garden Grove United Methodist Church clergy will officiate at the wedding ceremonies.  A minister will be assigned to officiate your wedding based on availability.  Exceptions are granted upon application to the Senior Pastor.
  2. The bride and groom are required to meet with the clergy officiating their service. This is a time of getting acquainted and planning the service you desire. This should take place as early as possible, but no later than 3 months prior to your scheduled wedding date.
  3. Our Church Organist plays for our church weddings. The Wedding Hostess will provide you with a CD of the organ music you can choose from. The music is also available here. If vocal music is desired, we can provide a soloist for an additional fee. If our organist is to accompany your soloist, please be aware that you must provide copyrighted sheet music for him to play. A wedding is a religious ceremony and the music played should represent that.
  4. To assure a dignified worship service free of distractions, NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY IS PERMITTED DURING THE CEREMONY. Also, no still photography is permitted during the ceremony. The professional photographer may take light-available pictures from locations arranged in advance with our staff. (Please inform your photographer and guests.) Pictures may be taken in the Sanctuary or Chapel prior to and following the ceremony. You have 45 minutes after the ceremony in which to take pictures. Video recordings may be taken from a location arranged in advance with the Wedding Hostess.


SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED anywhere on the premises.

FOOD & BEVERAGES ARE NOT ALLOWED (except water) within the Sanctuary or Chapel.

The throwing of RICE, CONFETTI, or BIRD SEED is not allowed. Flower girls may only throw silk petals down the aisle.

**No Aisle Runners are permitted**

Please contact our Wedding Coordinator, Mitzie Larson through the Church Office (see below).

For general information or to check for room availability, please call the Church Office at (714) 534-1070, M-Th, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, or email: