In celebration of Father’s Day, you might want to make a special donation or offering. Remember, we only ask you to give, as you feel comfortable with giving.

Our church is going through a tough time.

Our church requires maintenance. The air conditioning for the Sanctuary has lost refrigerant and we are looking for the leak. The homeless and the skaters continue to ravage church property.

Because of the pandemic, we have less church activities and events. This leads to less supervision of church property and has led to more vandalism.

Do not worry. The things that have happened are not that bad. But they do have a cost. And it is a cost at the worst possible time. All we ask of our members is to keep up with their pledges, if they can.

The link below is for On-line Giving. Detailed instructions are available on the GGUMC web site at

Thank you for following us on Facebook and on our website. We will continue to improve our virtual worship service to the best of our ability. We appreciate the steadfast support of our congregation.