Order of Worship for Communion Sunday, February 7th, 2021

  • Opening Anthem:  “Praise Him” by Bach and Steele, sung by GGUMC Chancel Choir, conducted by H. H. Hanson.  Organist: N. Guinaldo.  Recorded February 17th, 2019.
  • Greeting, Opening Prayer, and The Lord’s Prayer by Pastor Eketoné Tosi.
  • Hymn:  #131 “We Gather Together” by Nederlandtsch Gedenckclanck, sung by GGUMC congregation.  H. H. Hanson conducting.  Organist:  N. Guinaldo.  Recorded November 4th, 2018.
  • Announcements and Prayer List by Mary Lou Ball.

We regret to inform you that Margaret Heise passed away on Saturday, January 30th, 2021.  We offer our sympathy and prayers for the family and friends of the Heise family.

Please remember these members of our church family in your thoughts and prayers:

Evelyn McCart, Dexter Welton, Bud Ruhl, Gwen Anderson, David Gregory, Helen Sothan, Lilas Green, Steve Ryder, Pat Turner, Gary Palmer, and also the Cajiuat, Riddle, Terrill, Rohdenburg and Heise families, all of whom have suffered recent deaths in their families.

  • Special Music: “Communion” by Maverick City, performed by Bridgetown Music, Bridgetown Church, Portland, OR.
  • Scripture Lesson:  Mark 1: 29-34, read by Mary Lou Ball.
  • Sermon: “Serve with Passion” by Pastor Eketoné Tosi.
  • Anthem:  “We Are So Blessed”, sung by the GGUMC Samoan Choir. Recorded February 24th, 2019. (Conductor and Pianist uncredited).
  • The Sacrament of Holy Communion by Rev. Dr. Bau Dang and Pastor Eketoné Tosi.
  • Prayer after Communion:  Rev. Dr. Bau Dang
  • Offering: by Mary Lou Ball.
  • Doxology:  “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” by Thomas Ken, license free music courtesy of smallchurchmusic.com.
  • Closing Hymn:  “Seek Ye First” (Verse 1) by Karen Lafferty, sung by GGUMC congregation.  H. H. Hanson conducting.  Pianist:  N. Guinaldo.
  • Benedictions:  by Pastor Eketoné Tosi and Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Bau Dang.
  • Postlude:  “Epilogue” by Norman Gilbert.  Organist:  Norberto Guinaldo. Recorded October 7th, 2020.